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COMING SOON: try your Thermal5Colours® treatments at Vena d’Oro hotel

From a thousand year old tradition comes Thermal5Colours® , our new thermal COMSECEUTIC line.

Five products made with natural extracts, born from the uniqueness of the Terme Euganean SpasEuganee mud and enriched with the flavors found in the Natural Park of the Euganei Eugnean Hills.

Five unique and certified coloured clay compounds that will be applied exclusively in specialized departments of Euganean Spa hotels, as our thermal Spa of Hotel Vena d’Oro


This “stardust” gently removes dead skin, giving the skin a healthy glow. Each scrub comes from the magical infusion of algae, primordial microorganisms and siliceous shells from the clay found in the Euganean Hills. Autumn fragrances and myrrh are added to ensure more profound emotional enjoyment.


This yellow clay has immediate results with the skin, leaving it smooth and working deeply. It attenuates the blemishes caused by cellulite, thanks to a concentrated compound an algae rich in polysaccharides and phycocyanin (ETS08). A draining activity associated with the aroma of sweet figs will help restore energy and vivacity for the mind and body.


A green clay that, thanks to the active components of the algae ETS05, has a high tonic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant power. Thanks to its delicate perfume of Coriander, a fresh spicy note, it gives a revitalizing effect.


A red clay enriched with a natural concentrate of red wine grapes from Vignalta® of the Euganean Hills, created to battle the skin’s aging. It restores elasticity and tone, stimulating the growth of new cells and improving the microcircle and the revitalization of the skin’s tissue. Its aromatic and fruity grape scent gives an intense sensation of flavorful energy.


A blue clay that, thanks to the algae ETS03, offers a deep anti-aging effect; it stimulates cell reproduction and strengthens blood vessels and capillaries. An intensive action is supported by Neroli’s Essential Oil, which delivers warm and sweet sensations to alleviate physical and mental stress.

Hotel Venadoro

Via V. Flacco, 59 | 35031 Abano Terme (Padova)


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